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Natural polymers

  • Viscose fibres
    • Lenzing Viscose® - on the world markets the Lenzing Viscose® is considered a premium product in the clothing industry and hygienic devices.  Yarn is used for the completion of fashion fabrics, napkins and bandages with the highest priority of cleanness and absorption ability.
    • Lenzing Modal® - modal fibre extracted from the oak wood. Yarn is used for its softness for the production of luxury fabrics
    • Lenzing FR® - thermally resistant cellulose fibres produced from oak wood.  The fibres are recognised for their good protection against heat and fire, electrical arch, melted metal in order to prevent burning.   
  • Acetate fibres
    • TENCEL® is lyocell fibre of botanical origin from Austrian company Lenzing. Fabrics produced from TENCEL® have better absorption properties than cotton, it is softer than silk and cooler than hemp.
      Due to the properties, the fabrics TENCEL® are suitable for the production of bedding.