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Synthetic fibres

  • Polyamide fibres
    • Nomex® - DuPontTM Nomex® includes fibres from aromatic polyamides – meta-aramides, polymers resistant to high temperatures. They are used in the form of roving or fibres.
    • Kevlar® - trademark of para-aramide fibre commissioned by  DuPont™  in 1971. It was originally developed as a replacement for tyre reinforcement instead of steel. The fibres reach exceptional solidity in tension at low specific weight comparable with the coal fibres.
    • Protex® - registered trademark of Kaneka Corporation. Protex® is modacryl fibre which slows down burning. In mixture with cotton, silk, polyester, and other common fibres is slows down burning whilst maintaining the original properties of fibres, softness, and natural appearance.
    • Kanecaron® - modified modacryl fibre developed by Kaneka Corporation in 1957. Kanecaron® is soft and highly flexible fibre of various cross-sections and lengths.  The fibres are simply dyed. Another typical property of the fibres includes its self-extinguishing ability.  
  • Polyester fibres
    • Trevira CS® - from 2011 registered trademark of Trevira GmbH. As the trademark, trevira was registered as patent in 1932. The product has been used for polyester fibres from 1956. Staple fibres are supplied in adequate length and fineness for all types of scrtibbled and combed yarn. The fibres slow down burning, they are used for fibres with high demands as regards fire safety regulations worldwide. 
    • Diolen® - yarn is used for fibres for various industrial branches.  They are recognised for high solidity and flexibility, resistance to abrasion and low price. The fabrics are used for example for the production of water skies, emergency boats and kayaks. 
  • Polyethylene fibres
    • one of the most recognized fibres is produced from 1990 with indication Dyneema by Dutch company DSM. The fibres have exceptional high solidity in tension.  The products resist to ultraviolet radiation and many chemicals.  The fibres are made from quite rough yarn in canvas or twill connection.