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The history of textile production in SUMTEX CZ head office commenced in 1840. At the time the Association for Mechanical Flax and Hemp Mill with the support of Šumperk businessmen; it employed 600 people and it was the first mechanical flax mill in Morava. It was later rebuilt to the weaving mill for 288 looms.  

After 1946, the facility became a plant 03 n.p. Moravolen Šumperk specialised in the production of cotton fabrics.  In the beginning of the 90s the production in plant 03 was terminated and it was cleaned and left.

History of SUMTEX

  • 1992 -  establishment of SUMTEX spol. s r.o.. In cooperation with German company, the production of corduroy, which made the town famous 170 years ago, returned to Šumperk.
  • 1997 - Sumtex became a general supplier of textile for Lufthansa service
  • 2000 - SUMTEX spol. s r.o. was divided to two companies - SUMTEX CZ s.r.o. – textile production and SUMTEX ENERGO, s. r. o. – small hydroelectric power plant.
  • 2001 - Sumtex employed 270 employees for the weaving mill and cloth operation
  • 2008 – clothing operation reduced
  • 2009 - SUMTEX CZ specialized in weaving greige fabrics made to order. Additionally to traditional fabrics, the company fulfils the requirements of the customers mostly in the area of technical fabrics.  
  • 2012 – built weaving mill for the production of glass leno
  • 2016 – certification ISO 9001 :2008
  • 2018 – certification ISO 9001 :2015

Current function of the company is based on the experience from past years, on the ability to learn, increase the professionalism and technological skills.  In the company history, from its establishment up to current days, the employees managed to produce extensive product range.  

It includes for example jacquard silk fabrics for the Scandinavian market with curtains; hundreds of thousands produced meters voiles of various widths; luxury shirting designated for world market; clothing fabrics from various materials - linen, woollen, etc.; cover furniture fabrics; domestic textile, bedding including stretching bed sheets, products for  European hotel sets; liner fabrics from animal fibres (goat coat, horsehair); glass construction  leno technical fabrics for layer application, sewing and automotive industry technical fabrics for special work clothing, e.g. welders, oil ramps, fire-fighters, etc. heavy technical fabrics for the production of transport belt; industrial satin.