Upravit stránku

SUMTEX manufactures custom made greige fabrics according to the required parameters of the customer.

Well coordinated team of businessmen, technologists, and the production is the guarantee of SUMTEX customers to receive a perfect service, and the completed fabrics will comply with required parameters and quality.

extensive professionalism and qualification of the employees, complexity of processed material and flexibility of the machine equipment enable flexible reaction and effective satisfaction of SUMTEX customer needs.

SUMTEX can satisfy the requirements for final adjustment of produced fabrics in the cooperating treatment shops.

SUMTEX CZ s.r.o. is a stable Czech company with 25 years of history. It is owned by one sole owner and it employs 120 employees.  90% of production is exported to west Europe.

Annual production of the company is approximately 5 500 000 rm of custom made greige fabrics.